Harvest Pressure Pro
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Customer Reviews
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"Used the pressure pro for my own one pot braising steak recipe, with a lovely chunk of sour dough bread! Delicious, moist and melt in the mouth meat done in 25 mins! Very happy" - Emily J.

"Just received my pressure pro as a gift and tried it tonight for the first time making a wonderful chicken and veggie dinner. Thanks much!" - Anna M.

"Hello, my husband and I just bought the Pressure Pro Cooker and could not be any happier! The first meal we cooked was Barbecued ribs. It was tender and tasty! I see a lot of good dinner recipes on here. Thank you!"  - Sarona A.

 "This pressure pro is fab well worth the money." - Sonja F.

 "Hi, I bought my Pressure pro last week and love it." 
- Sarah A.

 "Only had my Pressure Pro for just under a week and already made pulled pork and Chicken Stew. One word 'Awesome'!"  - Roland R.

 "I made the Chicken marsala from "Grandmas' cook book". Omm Nom Nom yummy!" 
- James M.

"Lovin my Harvest Cookwear Pressure Pro! Threw in a few ingredients in the pot and in 20 min. Dinner will be served! : P Too easy." - Dani L.

"Fixed spare ribs in my new electric pressuer cooker OMG they were great." - Darlene A

"2 frozen solid roasts put in for 20 minutes when it went to warm I opened it an added potatoes set on another 20 minutes an it was delicious."  - Rhonda S.

"We are going to cook a Brisket. We love it, thanks for the recipes!!!!" - Denise K. "Thank you Pressure Pro Santa brought you this year and I love it!"  - Diane J.

 "I have had my Presure Pro for 4 months...love it!"  
- Don E.

"Received my Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro today. Spaghetti in 7min for dinner! Looking forward to making yummy ribs, and especially a seafood feast this winter!"
 - Lisa W.